Helping customers care for their plants with delightful illustrations

Bloomscape leaves illustration
A customer opens a new plant she ordered from Bloomscape, a company who allows you to purchase plants to be delivered to your door. There is an unboxing and also a product card that displays illustrations of the plant on the card.

About this project

Bloomscape asked me to create 15 illustratrions to accompany plant orders for customers on a plant care card.

The visual inspiration, as created by Bloomscape, is paper cutouts, showing abstractions of the plant's unique character.

Chinese fan palm image from Bloomscape
Chinese palm
Chinese fan palm from Bloomscape
Chinese fan palm illustration for Bloomscape
Chinese Palm
Dracaena Jade Jewel Illustration for Bloomscape
Dracaena Jade Jewel
Ferm Autumn Illustration for Bloomscape
Fern Autumn
Ficus Tineke illustration for Bloomscape
Ficus Tineke
Calathea Viatta plant illustration for Bloomscape
Calathea Viatta
Ficus Repens Green plant illustration for Bloomscape
Ficus Repens Green
Peromia Rosso plant illustration for Bloomscape
Peperomia Rosso
A girl holding a Bloomscape product card in her living room. The Bloomscape product card gives a detail description of the plant purchased by the customer and also gives instructions for how to care for the plant.
Bloomscape product card